Monday, February 22, 2010

just one album-free write while listening to "Ocean Eyes"

The hours move too slowly
While I sit
In these rooms
Waiting or
Missing you

I’ve spent years
Threatening to
Leaving to hunt other
Chunks of coal
That have potential

This house smells like gasoline
Tastes like cold pavement
My wheels keep spinning
I’m not supposed to look over my shoulder
Tough guys never do
I spend all my time
Facing forward and thinking
About you

Birds and worms and summer dreams
I’ve been trying to catch you
But you wake too early
So I compensate and never sleep

I want to find the shortcuts
Eating apples and kissing
Like Adam and Eve
There is innocence

All those random thoughts
About destiny
Affect the fact that I’m just another
Chapter of history

Can we climb these mountains?
Am I only dreaming?
Would it make a difference if
I were an underwater animal
A swimmer in a vacuum
A bird on the dock
Could it end the joy of seeing you?
The misery when you walk away

Am I dreaming?
But I don’t sleep
This must be memory of memory
And this will always be home
You will always be home

This romance is hopeless
That’s the kind of guy I am
Time will disappear
We are left with only moments
It’s the joy that’s killing me
Killing me

Water moves like oxygen
And we ride these carnival diversions
I’m shivering
All the tunnels lead to the dark
We are counting the dead pinpoints of light
Hanging in the sky

I hear your sweet voice calling
Like an echo
Am I dreaming?
But I don’t sleep
This memory is all I have
Everything has sunk
To new bottoms

I want to go home
Someplace by the water
Near the water
Under the water

This is like pulling teeth
The mirror reflection makes me laugh
You brought me roses once
Leaving me speechless

Why did we fight?
It must be a dream
I don’t sleep
Never sleep
I don’t sleep at all.

That melody keeps playing
We’re dancing again
Your arms and my arms
This is natural
I need this cradle you provide

In those moments
There is no running
No chasing behind
Those elusive wings
We are alone
Flying in this
Velvet weekend
Touring the great big

Collecting the stars
So it won’t count
For anyone else
Is it really you?
Is this really me?
Am I dreaming?
I don’t sleep

This floating is terrible
So peaceful
Me and you
This world is ours
Don’t leave me

This was our summer
This is our winter
I’ll keep you warm
As we fall like snowflakes
Tell me there’s something
Below the surface
Tell me there’s more underneath

Your thoughts are crystal
Precise as wind from the lake
This is the part where I get afraid
And run
Snow blinded by our conversation

This heavy atmosphere
Makes me miss you
I’m reading postcards
Whisper with me
My hands are empty
Spaces requiring your touch

Thinking of you
Less alone
I must be dreaming
Wish I could sleep
The dreams
Of you
Butterflies I cannot catch

Can we do it over?
Start it all again
With different words
And fresher burns
God, I miss you

Are you thinking about me?
And my lies
Like falling glass
Can we get out of this?
I can see the light
We have to help ourselves
But I’m a coward
And the water smashes my resolve

Surgically remove my traumas
My doubt like an overgrown appendix
I’m falling into those traps
I set for myself
Goals and dreams
But I need a roadmap
I need you
I’m not courageous

In the end it comes down to dreaming
And light reflected in your eyes
The music washes over you
And it’s amazing
I cannot look away
I am speechless

I want this moment to last a week
Slow the spinning of the earth
Take the time to dance
I’m a spy
Can you take me away?
I am tired
But never of you

Saving memories in a jar
So I can remember to dream
Of you
I want this illusion
Am I dreaming?
I don’t sleep
Am I dreaming?
I don’t sleep
Only in your arms

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