Thursday, February 14, 2013

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It’s only water
In silence, we named constellations, staring at stars
We would imagine ourselves weightless, the opposite of stone
Between Earth and heaven, on our backs we would float
If you listen, everything talks, even trees have secrets
Some of them can heal, and some can hurt

It only hurts
If you’re innocent when you hit the water
Not much more pleasant if you choose to reveal your secrets
There is no appeal, divine intervention or lucky stars
You can drown or you can float
Try not to think, or breathe, become hard, like the stone

Hearts and minds turned to stone
There intention, to hurt
And part of the crowd hopes that you float
Hopes that you rise to the surface of the water
Prays you kissed the devil, or wished on stars
They need to kill you twice for keeping those secrets

They aren’t really secrets
Unwritten wisdom not yet set in stone
The changes of the seasons and movement of the stars
It was never intended to frighten or hurt
There was no blasphemy; we never claimed to walk on water
A weighty world rested on her shoulders, you expect her to float

You want to float
But these are deeply held family secrets
How to survive in the water
To be released from the stone
How to take away the hurt
It is written by the ancients in the stars

To reach for the stars
Shut off my mind, the voices, the world, and float
Out here where nothing hurts
I pray you, keep our secrets
I am one with this stone
I am one with this water

I cannot be hurt among these stars
It was only water, and I float
I am the silence of secrets and immortal as stone

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