Friday, May 2, 2014

an acrostic poem

today, I hid my face in a crowd with
hundreds of other faces
each one broken and too tired to weep
recycled, replaceable and never remembered
escape as inevitable as drowning

anybody have a half a cigarette
remnants of prayers sewn together
echoes of good intentions that have a bit of shine

needlessly cruel in our whistles and waltzes of tunnel vision
overtures made only on holidays and after the appropriate PSA’s

mannequins stumbling, media fueled and ready to play blindman’s bluff
only twisted into nuclear king of the mountain
retribution wrapped in pretty boxes of apologetics
envelopes of homicidal hush money and social night blindness

deliverance is written in the steps of ironic dances and the clanking of
aluminum souls crushing heads, hearts, and faith
nevermind the new generations brimming with
dirty red hands and borrowed weaponry fired as applause for
entertaining envy and another media field day
laughing like children, laughing like corpses
indignity bound to the streets and the cameras
on time, on cue, on parade
never needing a second take
scene one, severed head, soundstage sabotage

overwhelmed by ignorance and
no one sees the big picture
lazing in the sunlight
young men don’t live long enough to be angry anymore

drown your sorrows in some reality TV
undo your belt and drop the intellectual trousers
someone thinks your life, your secrets, your death should be
televised, advertised, and turned ito a media schlockfest

another sphincter fingered sumbitch
nod and smile for another hour
deliver us from salvation into ratings nirvana

imagination fantasies altered for the sake of modernity
dandelions to duct tape and melodrama
innocence becomes urban indigestions and vile vomit newsbreak explosions
only the signal survives, tainted and omnipresent
tired and dulled into complacency
society hangs, phobic and forgetful

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