Friday, August 1, 2014

free write

She wore ravens on her eyes
as she walked through gardens
touching all the mad boys
fingers to lips
to hearts
like a religious ceremony
sanctified by the grace of
yesterday she swallowed the sun
an unfitting sacrifice for
her majestic presence
tuned in
turned on
in the spaces between
High Definition and
“I will not go quietly”
she is courted by Emperors and
thieves on crosses
begging forgiveness
as they claw at the
skull and machine guns
tattooed on her tongue
lost in the hysteria of
her progression
they live in the arrogance of
pointed fingers and spit valve
wide eyed and willing
the only regrets disguised
as unfortunate Beethoven triggers
this will not fe reformed or forgiven
there is no absolution for this
ignorance and
they all just hum the pledge
of allegiance to the
way she walks and
the shell casings in her wake
today's loyalists
tomorrow's kindling
when you unwrap these boxes
hold your breath and crawl inside,

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