Thursday, February 19, 2015

Guilty Pleasures Month Day 19-One Hit Wonders part 2 the 80's

Walking on the broken record remnants of Disco Demolitions into the 1980's   It's a whole new decade of music and a whole new decade of songs I'm sorta ashamed I own.
I don't expect you to know them all, after all, they are one hit wonders

Our first entry is from the Joni Mitchell wannabe category.  I love this song.  This is "Pilot of the Airwaves" by Charlie Dore

it was the age of video games and only one band dared to go there,  Here's Buckner and Garcia's "pac man fever"

Every ounce of my pre-teen angst was wrapped up in this tune by Moving Pictures

I was young and my live was filled with The son of Svengoolie and the stooges, Sorry

and a wonderful loser

is it a band?  is it a guy, don't know, don't care.  It's a one hit wonder from Danny Wilson

I like Bobby McFerrin, and I really enjoy the video, but with all his knowledge and talent this is the song that made him famous, and I heard it over and over and over, so much that people's lives were in danger

I'm gonna close on that one. I'm sure eardrums are bleeding at this point.

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