Monday, February 9, 2015

Guilty Pleasures Month, Day 9: The adventures of Saccharin boy

Lately I've been on my high horse about Music  .I've had my rant about under-appreciated artists and if you follow my face book posts, I've even dissed the entirety of pop music and the Grammy awards.  When I was 12ish.  I was locked away in a hospital for a few weeks, and I didn't have a radio or Walkman or nuffin.  When I got out my music radar was out of whack and I would listen to and even purchase any schmaltz that was on the radio.  Most of these songs did not stand the test of time except for brief rotations and flirtations with those soft rock stations that dead people listen to.  I actually own these record and, somewhere deep down, still like the songs.

Lets start with the evil of Robbie Dupree

and then there was Paul Davis

and Bertie Higgins

and the greatest of all sins Air Supply

So..I'm thinking that I come down hard on pop music because pop music has done me terribly wrong.  It did it's best to wussify rock and roll, sanitize country, and obliterate jazz.  These songs are not even good folk music.  It is the singer/songwriter phenomenon gone astray.  Again. I apologize for my crappy taste and my like for these songs.

You may think I have left some folks out like Dan Fogelberg, maybe.  but he will be included on another day in another subsection of the list

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