Friday, July 3, 2015

Superhero countdown to Independence Day

During the American Revolutionary War, Bess Lynn was a frontier nurse who travelled from town to town aiding the sick and injured. She was also a staunch American patriot who was vehemently opposed to British tyranny. However, she believed she could not openly oppose the British for fear they would retaliate by harming her brother, who was being held captive in England.

Therefore, Lynn disguised herself with a black mask and wig and assumed the costumed identity of Miss Liberty in order to fight the British. Miss LIberty organized a "Women's Underground" movement that helped the American forces in the war against the British.

Miss Liberty often went on successful missions alone against the British. She was also a frequent ally of the legendary frontierman and freedom fighter, Tomahawk.

Miss Liberty died shortly before the end of the Revolutionary war when she was fighting Hessian troops who had stolen the huge bell that was later to become known as the Liberty Bell. In the course of the battle, the bell fell on top her, crushing her to death. Her body was found by Tomahawk, along with the bell.  
Miss LIberty was taken from her by Epoch, the Lord of Time to battle the JLA and JSA. Once Epoch was defeated she was placed back into her own time.

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