Friday, July 3, 2015

Superhero countdown to Independence Day

In 1941, reporter Joan Dale waits for an anonymous informant on Liberty Island . As she waited, she begins hallucinating, believing the Statue of Liberty was speaking to her, telling her she would become a protector of freedom bestowing her with the power to alter matter. In reality she was being drugged by her informant, an agent of the U.S government. She became the test subject for Project M, in an effort to endow her with super powers. They deemed the experiment a failure and returned Joan back to Liberty Island. Joan later discovers that she now has the powers she was granted in her “hallucination”. Adopting a patriotically-themed costume, she begins fighting evil as Miss America . Joan later quits her reporter job for a secretarial one with the F.B.I. in anticipation of becoming an actual field agent for the depar

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