Sunday, August 2, 2015

Metaphors for Cool

It’s in color but not finished
like a guy in a suit
but with a big apple where his head should be
It’s potato chips wearing a kilt
I remember there was a stairway and a cigarette
God, I want a cigarette
And music
Good music
something that sounds like Thin Lizzy’s “Jailbreak”
Back porch
Chug a lug
This week’s imported beer
Talking about
The revolution, revelation, big old bourgeois blues
Talking over the hidden meanings of 1984 and a Clockwork Orange
Pretentious as hell
And you just want to shout “soup cans, enough with the soup cans, I’m gonna slit my wrists if I see anymore of these damn soup cans”
Someone lit a pipe
Cherry tobacco
I still want a cigarette
Been years since I’ve had a cigarette
And whistle
Smile for a second
And whisper.
” that color really brings out your eyes”


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