Friday, October 9, 2015

21st Century Horrorshow

Call it the legacy of Henry Jekyll
The curse of being Human
The ugly on the inside newsworthy televised reflections 
into an eclipse
Out of the abyss
Watching you
Trying to be perfectly flawed
A stitched together amalgamated Frankensteinian soul 
Dressed in reality TV morality and dead emotions 
Another pretty container for the ugliest things
Narcissism, and regret,
trying not to get cut on the shards of broken promises

This morning your realized that you were the bogey man, 
You made the sign of the cross
Click and
Without redemption 
Without apologies 
Hands trembling 
No more miles
Still no sleep
Echo and echo and boom
You never meant to be that cruel.

This is the suit That Dorian Gray wore 
painted in sin
These are dead man's shoes
Shod for infinite last mile walking
Can you tell the tale of my blackened heart in the fashion of Oscar Wilde
Not necessarily evil
Just drawn that way
Not the walking dead
Except for on the inside

Cover the mirrors
looking glass complexities of precious truth 
It's the monster on the inside that'll get ya
The thing that goes bump in the soul
The anger turned inward that kills

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