Wednesday, February 10, 2016

this new thing that happened:(repeat ad infinitum)

why sleep
sleep when I’m done
done counting
counting the names
names of the disappointed

disappointed eyes
eyes blinded by tragedy
tragedy caked in disgust
disgust from paying attention
attention to the repetition of falling
falling from imaginary grace

grace like cinematic death
death fueled by slow motion
motion to be stricken
stricken and disease riddled
riddled and puzzled and confused
confused by random images
images of shame and exit wounds

wounds from the media torture
torture to keep us silent
silent as death row lambs
lambs that share the lion’s bed
bed made for sleeping
sleeping for dreaming

dreaming for escape
escape to a different prison
prison of forgotten names
names to be counted
counted without asking why

(repeat ad infinitum)

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