Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mental archivist

Once a vacant lot
Stickball stadium
In days before the
bubble wrapped kids
Weren’t allowed to play
Dog-eared for later
Turn the page
Once a haven
For cash only
Nightingales in too
Short skirts
A blue gassed
street lamp
Siren of the night
We‘re not supposed to remember
Full service gas stations
Hot dog carts
The rag man shouting from
the back of a hand pulled wagon
Do-dos and dinosaurs
Barber poles spin
At 45rpm
Into memory
Of memory
That we can‘t recall
Striped coated
Banjo men
And the freight train
Harmonica serenade
Flame to
Electric to
Blue to
Turn the page
On street corner
If you stood
You could see
Orion’s belt
In the crisp
Autumn air
Mark this page
I want to remember it
Just like this.

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