Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A train station, a glockenspiel, and "Those are three for a pound."

another 2 a m snapshot
black and white symphony
another sucker
standing in a train station
waiting on a girl
hoping to change his destiny
not a new story
old as anchor tattoos
ink smeared notes
tears and rain and regret
she loves someone else
has been married all this time
never really loved you
not in that forever kind of way
it's all been said before
tied in musty sheet familiarity
cinematic cliché
half a bottle of bourbon
it's the kids playing plastic buckets
accompanied by
the violin
the glockenspiel
"As time goes by" has never
sounded more familiar or
more sad
these conditions used to be rare
I've seen too many movies
it's all
over the counter angst
shattered dreams
come at a discount
broken hearts
are three for a pound.

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