Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Number 2---Channel Surfing:
 Brought to You in Living Color
Let’s be honest here.  I confess that I watch way more television than I care to admit. Even though I multi-task through most shows (except for favorites like Friday Night Lights or How I Met Your Mother), I have also learned to use television as a trigger for short bursts of writing.

Now, I know that many of you purists out there don’t watch television – some of you don’t even own one! But most television shows work hard to be visually appealing, and writers can always exercise their observation skills. The next time you decide to be lazy (like me!) or decide to brush up on your use of visual inspiration, grab the remote and get ready!
This exercise will work with any program, but probably will work better if you choose one where you are not particularly invested in the outcome or plot. Choose three colors and write them down. Then set a timer for three minutes and record anything you see on the screen falling into one of those color categories.
Choose an image from each color set, and write a tiny snapshot poem. For example:

The licking and neon
Flash of fire
In a trashcan
She wasn't here
Dressed in a ragged blue
Sweater she received a
Million Christmases ago.
She sleeps
Wrapped in a discarded theater curtain
Crimson covers scarlet
Everything discarded
She recalls a brilliant yellow scarf
Holiday cheer
All the fanciest wine and cheeses
Gold and burgundy and...
She snuggles tighter in he discarded curtain
And prays it doesn't rain

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