Thursday, April 3, 2014


Number 3--
I cannot imagine a day without music. And in this age of digital music, I can listen just about anytime, anywhere. But now that my music is on my iPod instead of CDs or vinyl, I find that I often don’t know the titles of the songs I am listening to, and I am often surprised by their evocative qualities when I take the time to read them.

This exercise will use your mp3 player’s innate ability to be random. So get out your iPod, your Zen, or open up the music files on your computer media player, and let’s get started. (This prompt was originally posted at the old Read Write Poem site - if you tried it there, give it another shot!)

Step One:
Put your music on shuffle.

Step Two: Shuffle your songs forward five times, writing down each title that comes up. (If you have lots of classical music, you may want to shuffle within a playlist that contains more standards/popular music titles). If you don’t listen to any popular music, you can visit Billboard online and write down five titles from one of their Hot lists.

Step Three
: Incorporate the titles as complete phrases into a poem draft. You may separate the words with punctuation or line breaks, but the phrases need to remain intact. Here is my first attempt

the titles
The Perfect Kiss
One of Us Must know
Over the Top
Keeper of my Heart

the poem

at the end of those storybook romances
there is that moment of the perfect kiss
the whispered “as you wish”
and a fade to black
Where do we go from here
one of us must know
are we just soldiers
waiting for orders
to go over the top
and if all is fair in love and war
does any of this make a difference
perhaps you are not the keeper of my heart
maybe this is not love's eternal flame
this could all be a waking dream
or the beautiful view of an effigy
burning in the distance

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