Friday, April 4, 2014


Number 4--
Looking for an easy way to throw yourself into new thought patterns and create a draft that surprises you? Try this Up and Down technique and see what happens.

1-Choose any phrase or sentence that happens to be in your head – the title of a song, a television show, or even a common saying and write it vertically down the page. Then turn the process around and write the same phrase from the bottom up.
Then use these pairs of letters in one of several ways:

my phrase is "So long and thanks for all the fish"

2-Write two-word lines using the pairs as starting letters for each word.
my word list.
secrets hidden
overtly sanctioned
liberating information
offensive fabrications
never enlightening
ghost hallucinations
altering temptations
nurturing lamentations
diverted landmines
targets acquired
hunting restitution
already overachievers
negligibly formatted
karmically secure
soothing kinetics
forensic narcissism
outraged acrimony
ritualistically hounded
academically tragic
linguistic dynamics
liberal neutrality
thunderous appetite
honeycomb gluttony
empirical nothing
federal obituary
Ignorant lummox
sovereign oscillation
human sacrifice

3-Start the line with a word using the first letter and end the line with a word using the second letter.

As you can see, each approach gave the same idea a slightly different twist. Once you have a draft completed, go ahead and break the pattern for revision. Draft isn’t cohesive and not salvageable as is? Pull some of your best language and free write from there. The possibilities are endless!

My revision

secrets remain hidden
overtly sanctioned atrocities opposed to
liberating information in favor of
offensive fabrications
never enlightening the dullard population
left breathing the ghost hallucinations
of bait and switch altered temptations
and the nurturing lamentations of forgotten soldiers
diverted landmines and theoretical snipers with
targets acquired
left hunting restitution
already weeping overachievers
negligibly formatted for their distasteful duty
karmically secure as patriots instead of men
soothing kinetic bolt action motion
experts in the art of forensic narcissism
and pretending to outraged acrimony
ritualistically hounding the lost and
academically tragic
bereft of linguistic dynamics
and willing to be swayed from the comfort of liberal neutrality
leaving a misguided and thunderous appetite
the honeycomb gluttony of starving grizzly bears
lost in the forest of an empirical nothing
and the lip service of an eloquent federal obituary
given by an Ignorant lummox
spinning promises and platitudes of sovereign oscillation
its all just fancy words for human sacrifice

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