Sunday, April 13, 2014

30/30 poem 13

Number 13

Write a poem based on this phrase "the last time Jonathan said that, somebody died."

The last time I saw Johnathan
he was opening a pack of Pall Mall filters
turning one over for luck
lighting another with a Harley-Davidson zippo
we were turnstile jumpers
American stowaways
Stoop dwellers
listening to classic rock
on a worn out boom box
with a broken cassette player.
80's kids who wanted to be 70's punks
we were Johnathan's boys
calling him Johnny
an invitation to a punch in the mouth
and sometimes a hospital stay
and the last time I saw Johnathan
we were in the underground
praying in the temple of
...keep moving
we all wanted to be like Johnathan
top dog of the underdogs
he was a walk on water/shit don't stink kind of holy
I swear to this day
he saved me
some folks find Jesus in burnt toast
I found Johnathan on 23rd and Damen
and the last time I saw Johnathan
he was taking off his leather jacket
he was walking into
when he should be walking away
Somebody called him Johnny
somebody called him coward
the way his old man did
and the last time I saw Johnathan
He told me he loved me
thanked me for being his friend
and he told me to run like hell.
I watched as he fought
watched as he pushed the kid
watched as the kid hit the third rail
I send Johnathan Pall Malls and stamps
he sends me postcards
always signed
“Run Like Hell”
and the last time Johnathan said that
somebody died.

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