Monday, April 14, 2014

poem 14

Number 14

Write a poem in letter form to a fictional character from a concerned party. This could be a fan letter, a letter to a friend, a dunning letter, author's choice

To: Mr. Gepetto

from: Enchanted Forest Middle School

RE: Enrollment

Dear Mr. Gepetto,
under normal circumstances we would be pleased to accept your son's application for mid-year entrance into our institution of learning. Unfortunately it has come to our attention that your son is . In fact, not a real boy at all.
In our experience, dealing with “boys” of a magical nature is a difficult task. The student is either hard to educate or is a disruption to the rest of the student body. A case of a boy from Neverland comes to mind. He was very immature and we had trouble placing him properly.
Sadly, letting in beings of a mystical nature sets a bad precedent that could endanger the rest of the student body or, in some cases, the magical student themselves. You may recall the young gingerbread boy that was nearly completely devoured by the rest of the student body,
The wooden nature of your son's physicality could be a danger to the physical plant of the building, We are currently understaffed and have not the facilities to treat the exotic maladies your son may encounter. We do not wish to send your son home with termites or weevils, Warping and water damage may also present a danger that the other children would not be affected by.Also, Pinocchio’s transcripts are incomplete and repeated absences due to turning into a donkey and being eaten by whales make him an untenable student for this institution. If by any chance the boy encounters a blue fairy and becomes real or barring that, suddenly requires strings, we will have to deny his application.

Oz, the Great and Powerful,
Dean Of Boys
Enchanted Forest Middle school

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