Friday, April 11, 2014

30/30 poem 11

Number 11

For today, try to write about an injury, one of your own or one of someone close to you. Go as deep into this as you are comfortable – a serious injury may be difficult to tackle, but it may also yield powerful writing; a minor (even humorous) injury could be successful in a completely different way.

Medicine/Medical . the deliberate and prolonged pulling of a muscle, organ, or the like, as by weights,
to correct dislocation, relieve pressure, etc.

I am wired to this bed
a fly
In a spider's web
pulleys, cables, and weights
waiting for ice chips
bouts of sleep
aren't allowed to relax
mama's boy in the next bed
screams his head off
making sleep impossible
he is also wired and weighted
similar injuries
apparently his are fatal
I want to dream
stand and walk
I'm becoming hooked on the Soap Operas
can't watch shows with surgery
makes me queasy
or it's the remnants of anesthesia
Quippy TV doctors piss me off
Alcoholic surgeons and
incompetent interns in Hawaiian shirts
I'm watching cop shows
I hate cop shows
somebody get me outta here

I just want to go home.  

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