Thursday, April 10, 2014

30/30 poem 10

Number 10
Today’s prompt is a little crazy, so bear with me. I tend to write short poems, which you know if you have been here before reading my drafts. These poems often end up between twelve and fourteen lines, which some may call “modern” sonnets. Following the prompt below, write your own 14-line modern sonnet with these rule
1. Maintain the traditional ten-syllable line requirement of an Elizabethan sonnet.
2. Include the directed words/images/ideas in each listed line.
Line 1 – A line from a familiar prayer or song
Line 2- the name of a fruit or vegetable
Line 3 – At least one three-syllable word
Line 4 – a line of dialogue
Line 5 - an auditory image
Line 6 – specific name of a place
Line 7 – pop culture reference
Line 8 – a fear or something forgotten
Line 9 – a favorite childhood toy
Line 10 – an imperative
Line 11 – a household object
Line 12 – an alliterative phrase
Lines 13 and 14 – rhyming couplet

“give peace a chance” rang from the kitchen radio
inside those damn banana yellow walls
I waited for the morning diatribe
“You screw up the way I used to” he said
it was all just the buzzing of flies
As meaningless as sleep in Las Vegas
or that teacher in Charlie Brown cartoons
I am over my fears of ridicule
and those heartbreaking teddy bear moments
Quit playing games with my subconscious mind!
Save the duct tape for fixing the blender
maybe malice makes memories muddy
I want to put it away on a shelf

but I can really think of nothing else

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