Wednesday, April 9, 2014

30/30 poem 9

Number 9

Use one of these photographs to inspire your writing today and take you to a place far away from the everyday.

the noble human
seen here in his natural habitat
seated on the comfy chair
eating fried sliced potatoes and
watching television
a testament to spurious creationism
comfortable in his superiority and underwear
the human has long outgrown
ancient rituals of
the dances for fire and rain
it has become an afront to his sensibilities
although he will watch his gods (called celebrities)
dance on the television
but, as a mantra
tough guys don't dance
and it's all survival of the fittest

the blue footed booby
seen here
dancing with abandon
shifting it's weight from foot to foot
rockin' out on the lava rocks of the Galapagos Islands
they are the dream soldiers of Darwin's army
hitting the shore long enough to dance
take a lover
make more blue footed dancing fools
and the boobies don't care
this is ritual
it's only natural
natural as in selection

the noble human
watching his flashing pictures
drooling in his genetic dead end

Have we learned nothing from Kevin Bacon.

Dedicated to my sister Red, all you science heads, and Footloose fans

songs listened to in the creation of this poem
Dance, Dance- Fallout Boy
Do you Wanna Dance?-Bobby Freeman
Safety Dance-Men Without Hats
Footloose-Kenny Loggins
Dance,Dance,Dance-The Steve Miller Band
Dancing in the Moonlight-King Harvest
Daancing in the Moonlight-Thin Lizzy
Come Dancing-The Kinks
Dance Hall Days-Wang Chung

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