Friday, April 18, 2014

poem 18

Number 18-

Today, we will write a poem that goes against our natures and create an evil twin.
Answer the following questions as honestly as possible:

1. Are you a morning person/night person?

2. Do you prefer the mountains or the ocean?

3. Coffee or tea?

4. Planned-out or spontaneous?

5. Nostalgia or trendiness?

6. Prefer cold or hot?

7. Fruit or Vegetables?

8. Fast car or practical car?

9. Star Wars or Star Trek?

You get the idea. You can add of as many other opposite types of questions as you like. But now that you’ve answered honestly, try to write a poem about yourself (or a speaker who is like you) that uses the OPPOSITE of all the things you would have honestly chosen. For instance, I would have to try and write about how much I am defined by early mornings in the mountains with a cup of coffee (which would not be bad, but not my first choices…)

this one is tough.  I chose to write opposite my nature.  Something light, I;m sure it is awful

he wore orange sneakers
listened to reggae music
spent his afternoons smiling
at strangers
blowing soap bubbles
and playing songs on
a beat up acoustic guitar
he said “shadows are shadows”
and taught me how to chase fireflies

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