Saturday, April 19, 2014

Poem 19

Number 19

Rain can be tricky for poets. It certainly creates a mood, but it also creates a temptation for some over-used cliches – the sky is crying, tears raining down someone’s face…you get the idea. Writing about rain can be playful (Langston Hughes’s “Let the rain kiss you”), meditative (“Spring rain/leaking through the roof/dripping from the wasps’ nest” – Basho), funny (Richard Brautigan’s “It’s Raining in Love”), or melancholy (“Strange how hard it rains now/Rows and rows of big dark clouds/When I’m holding on underneath this shroud/Rain” – Patti Griffin).

The Beatles said, “Rain/I don’t mind.” Do you? Take some time to consider the rain in a new way today and write about it.

Staring out the window
Rain falling like a Charlie Watts drum fill
And I'm smiling again
Like the first time we met
Under that umbrella that never
Kept us dry.
We stood in that puddle
Up to our ankles
Freezing and talking about
The pros and cons of fauvism 
We opened that bottle of wine
And sat on the stoop of strangers
Singing any song with the word rain in the title
Kissed at the thunder
I'm smiling again
You came home late
Soaked to the shin
You've never been more beautiful

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