Sunday, April 27, 2014

poem 26

Number 26

Back to basics for this week’s prompt. Children learn their ABCs at earlier and earlier ages, but the alphabet is still the center of what we do as writers years later. There are several ways to write an abcedarian poem that you can read about at the link. Today I will give you three options.

Option One:
Write a long poem where each stanza begins with a different letter of the alphabet. For a super-duper challenge, use as many words as you can with that starting letter in the stanza without getting too Dr. Seuss-y!

Option Two:
Write a shorter poem where each line starts with a new letter of the alphabet.

Option Three:
Pair up alphabet letters (AB, CD, EF, etc.). Use these pairs to start lines. For example, the AB line would have to start with an A word then a B word.

Have some fun going back to basics – and show that alphabet who’s boss!
brothers and sisters
calamitous situations have interrupted my 30/30
due to the onset of
everybody's favorite malady
forgive the sarcasm
gout makes me say funny things
however brutally true they may be
insensitivity becomes driven by pain
jokes cease to be funny and
kittens are less cute than normal
lost time
momentum betrayed
nobody is sorrier than I am, for this betrayal
ordinarily I wouldn't think twice but I have violated a
pact that I considerd binding
quickly I will try to remedy this situation
rearranging words into alphabetical order
surrendering to saedonic speculation
thinking thinking thinking
various levels of success
wash into a finished product slightly better than
X-men 3 and its horrible ending
you have to understand, at least it's something

zero is never my goal

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