Sunday, April 6, 2014

poetry prompt 30/30 day 6: A cliché love poem

Number 6--

Option One: Everything Old is New Again

use traditional love poem images of the moon and the sun etc, but use them in your own rhythm and syntax. For this exercise, write a love poem that uses traditional images (flowers, candy, hearts, sunsets) in completely, unique and different ways.

Option Two: The Anti-Love Poem

My two favorite lines from Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130 (“My Mistress’ Eyes are Nothing Like the Sun”), probably the most famous anti-love poem ever written.Write your own anti-love poem – show the faults and foibles of the one you love while showing that you care.

Option Three: Start far, far away. Then come close with details

So write a love poem that starts somewhere else and ends up close to home. And whichever love poem you try, take a moment to be thankful for those you love.

call it cliché
but it's a tradition among romantics to
present you with flowers and
take you for walks beneath the moonlight
talk and smoke each others cigarettes until the sun rises
singing along with the stupid songs on the radio
      I know you don’t believe In romantic love
      I know your tolerance for bullshit is less than zero
      I know that you've flown to close to the sun only to
                                                    find you were in the solar system alone
can I
make you a mix tape of love songs?
Hold a boom box beneath your window?
Slow dance with you in the parking lot of the A&P?
      You can
       blame it on the moment
       blame it on the moonlight
       blame it on the song that played on that car radio
call it cliché
but among us romantics
it's the only proper way
to say I love you..

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