Monday, April 7, 2014

30/20 poem 7

Number 7

The first Channel Surfing post asked you to look at color. This one is a little different. Most television programs (unless you watch exclusively nature channels) are focused on human/humanoid characters, so sometimes we are not as observant of the settings or backgrounds as we could be.

Choose a program and watch for at least five minutes. (Or go nuts. Watch the whole thing. ) Try to take your focus away from the people, and therefore away from their clothing, accessories, etc. that dominate a scene. Look into the background and write down what you see there, as many details as you can..

Choose the items that stick int your brain and incorporate them into today's poem

A Martini glass on a piano,
the blue green glow,
of a sign advertising some domestic beer,
you would never drink.
she sits at the end of the bar,
facing the door,
plays with her triangular plastic earrings,
and hopes that this pale light ,
flatters her skin.
There is an old map on the wall behind her,
the names of the countries are wrong,
the boundaries have moved,
it all looks the same from far away.
she watches the reflections in an empty glass,
under the “not just for Christmas” twinkle lights,
prays a bit,
wishing that someday,
the stars will be electric.

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