Saturday, May 3, 2014


It's just another mad hatter world and
I'm a March hare standing in an April rain
Holding this dirty secret and broken umbrella
Screaming "mother may I?" 
Can you spare a dime for a man in the moon smile
A dollar to watch Alice in the Amsterdam window
This is what happened to romance
This is what happened to finding your way home
We all taste a little madness
Sucking marrow from an oversized top hat
This will cover our eyes
This will keep our ego in check
Sometimes she swears like a sailor
Sometimes she shines like an angel
Turning it's back on god
The genuflection is ironic
The lip service painted bloody red
Can you join me among the mushrooms
Can you pass me down the tea and water pipe
We can sit in the trees and smile at each other until
We disappear or fall down dead
This ain't about the red shoes
This ain't about who ate the tarts
No one cares who ate the fuckin' tarts
Wipe the smile off
Wipe the mouth away
Don't speak
Don't talk
Your words are pounding in my head
This is not my war
Not my battle
Quit spitting at my feet
And I can't stop crying
Quit mocking me
Mock, yeah
King, yeah
Say goodbye to Hollywood train wrecks
Cuz Alice don't live her no more
Ashes to ashes and we all
Turn up the volume

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