Monday, February 16, 2015

Guilty Pleasures Month: Day 16-the Happy Music--warning blog may contain Ska, Vitamin C and Fallout Boy

    I'm very tired today today'  Had a little physical therapy, so this one won't be a brain taxer.  In life there are songs that make you happy.  The don't do a damn thing for anyone else.  That's not totally true, people may hate on them or be annoyed by them, and you can't change that.  
   The songs that make you happy, make YOU happy, the songs that empower you, empower YOU.  No excuses, what revs an individuals motor is an individual thing.
    I am from a tribe of musical snobs and no two musical elitists are ever elite in regards to the same things.  There are cross sections where the dreams crpss, but after that it's up for grabs.  I personally am not a fan of Hardcore anything.  We've explored my feelings on Hippity Hop, and most Jam Bands make my testicles jump back up into my body.
    Like many musical snobs, I suffer from a rare condition.  My ear drums bleed from the slightest invasion by horrible music.  The only treatment for this malady is to like what I like or jam Ice Picks in my ears to make it stop,  One of my favorite things is the sound of a good Thunderstorm, so the Ice pick thing is not an option.

The following are my Happy songs and Power songs, I will Tell you which is which.

Happy Songs
The funny part is that I hate the Original version of this song.

Power Songs

The Newest Happy Song In My Arsenal of Happy

And the happiest song ever recorded, try not to dance

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