Sunday, February 15, 2015

Guilty Pleasures Month: Day 15-the Hippity Hop exception(or what passes for that in my world)


 You all are gonna write me off as a white boy who doesn't understand the passion and artistry that goes into Rap or Hip Hop.  This is an understandable statement and you may be correct, but do not include me in your stereotype of white suburban America.  I grew up in the Heart of Chicago, I've been shot at multiple times, and I may not have grown up in the projects but I was totally Ghetto adjacent.
We never knew that when we were kids, it was just home, and the neighborhood.  That's right I lived in a hood y'all.
   That being said.  I don't like Hip hop or rap.  There are exceptions,  I like the Roots and Arrested Development (Speech), I think Common has some skillz when it comes to the rhyme and rhythm, but I think that most modern music in the genre lacks musicianship and, dare I say it, soul.

  The following will not help my case at all.  These songs are kinda dumb and I love them anyway.

and now a few redemption songs (no pun intended)

I'm gonna end like that brothers and sisters...Word.

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