Friday, February 13, 2015

Guilty Pleasures Month: Day 14 Silly Love Songs

This is my special blog for Valentine's day blog.  It is special and romantic and covered in the spray cheese of some of the best in the world of bad.  I should really let the songs speak for themselves, but you decide.  
Here are the top 10 Love Songs in my personal Cheese Factory. 
I will try not to repeat any guilty pleasures from earlier installments
Some of these you may not remember and that's probably for the best.
Warning: the songs will get crappier as we progress.  Let's start with the founder of the feast.

these next three count as one entry.  they couldn't think of a good title and I can't think of a good reason

Back to standard counting

And Number one with a cute little cupid's arrow

Yes it is a list of all cheese,  all the time.  I could probably ramble on with the Cheesy Love Song, Loves of my life.  I'm sure your list would be different, and one man's cheese is another man's fondue.  There are a hundred million love songs and I can't post them all.

Your gonna say that I left out Lionel Richie but your wrong.  Lionel wrote the Kenny Rogers version of "Lady".  Paul Williams wrote "Old Fashioned Love Song" which is really my favorite of the Cheese plate.

And just to prove you can write love songs about anything, here's the bonus


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