Saturday, February 21, 2015

Guilty Pleasures Month Day 21-Styx ain't just a river in Hades

We've hinted at the edges of these guys before.  Another band mostly from my hometown.  A band that barely survived into the 80's.  They were slick and harmonic and were doing their level best to pass as an American Art Rock band.  No band failed quite so badly in reaching artistic expression, and yet the songs they left for me were idealistic, goony, and cartoony.

I'm talking about the Mighty 
It doesn't really matter, Angels or Aliens, you best get your ass on that boat.

So there's this guy in Styx who ain't from Chicago, the call him Tommy Show, he's a vegetarian and apparently he's also a Renegade

That Dennis DeYoung, he is so Nautical.  Even his love songs are named after sailing Myths. Lorelai is a Siren, isn't she?

Styx has had many faces.
sometimes they were mystical

sometimes historic

sometimes immersed in the self-indulgence of a Sci-Fi themed Rock Opera

sadly they found out that they were just...

and ended up with 

finally it left them exclaiming

if they had left the gimmicks and just remembered the early days when they would 

it really would have been

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