Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Buckaroos and Buccaneers

Don't call me a cowboy
It's a misnomer
A poor appellation for
Politicians and Diplomats who
Shoot from the hip
Say what they mean
Stand their ground and
Pledge allegiance

Don't call me a cowboy
unless you understand
It has nothing to do
With singing a song
Kissing a horse
Selflessly saving the day
This ain't the 1950's and
Gene Autry never
Shot a man for snoring too loud

Don't call be a cowboy
It's an insult to the Vaquero
Ugly Americanized into buckaroo
Romantcized from Home On The Range to
Ballads by Thin Lizzy

Don't call me a goddam cowboy
Unless you want to be spitting teeth
Wyatt Earp was no Cowboy
Although he killed a few
Criminal Cowboy smuggler
Sonsabitches who wore the name
Like street punks call themselves gangstas

Don't trust a man who calls himself a cowboy
Those records have been expunged
Mostly forgotten through
Television spectacles and
The myth of John Wayne
The code of the west is a bullet in the back
While holding Aces and Eights
He'll take your boots and leave you to drown
In the desert sea
With a single bullet to end your misery

Don't refer to me as a cowboy
Unless your intent is to impugn
Cuz cowboy ain't cool
Call me Maverick, buckaroo, or Hopalong
Cuz most of these cowboys are pirates in disguise

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