Saturday, January 2, 2016

The first thing I've finished in 2016

I don't know where this came from or how it got in my head.  It's the story of an old abandoned photograph.  As always I don't have a title ore even know if it's any good.  I'd appreciate your thoughts on the subject

Abandoned picture
Of a girl
In an old fashioned dress
Her feet
Caked in dust and blood
Her face
Streaked with nostalgia
and tears

The photo is yellowed
Scented with old perfume and
Woody Guthrie songs
Left behind deliberately
To be forgotten,
As a curse,
A warning
A sad memory passed from
Refugee to vagabond stranger

Water damaged
She smiles
Exhausted and gray
An attachment left behind
An attempt at selective amnesia
An ersatz skull and cross bones
Without context
Without soundtrack
Without story
One sad photographed casualty
Forever weeping

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