Monday, August 1, 2016

an Abecedarian for the record. it is what it is

okay kids, the Poetry Pentathlon is approaching fast, and as an exercise, I try to write for any of the events that I am unfamiliar or unskilled at.  I have done a few Abecedarians in the past but none that I really liked.  I hope the contestants find better X and Z word than I did.

so... here it is.

fighting the cynical overtones:an abecedarian

All I can do is
Count to ten and
Decide not to destroy the world
Enforcing this ritual
Focuses my energy

Given my nature
Harnessing my negative
Intentions is a
Jury rigged solution at best
Keeping control
Likens me to a werewolf

Maybe it's irrelevant
Nobody really knows
Or cares
Perhaps in the the future this
Quandary will have more
Relevance or impact or 

Thinking has become passe
Under unreasonable circumstances
Varying only slightly for media fuel
X-rays are clean one minute

Zap...the next you're dead

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