Thursday, February 26, 2015

Guilty Pleasures Month Day 26_biting the silver bullet

Welcome back to the Guilty Pleasure Confessional.  Today's topic is the legendary Bob Seger.  I know that roots rock has fallen out of fashion and the mid-western sound has faded like a BoDeans single.
 Never the height of popular music and often accused of selling out to Market Chevy Trucks, Bob Singer is often maligned as a hack, but his music left it's mark on the world in the soundtrack of "American Pop"
If the goal of Pop Music is to write the perfect teenage anthem. "Night Moves" was the perfect anthem for the 70's.
In fact...Bob Seger was pretty good with the anthem.  Would life be the same without "Turn the Page" and "Roll Me Away".
But for me it goes beyond the big songs.  The smaller songs about American Wanderlust have always struck a chord .  From the very beginning Seger talked about the joys and perils of living on the road and living by your wits
Whether its been about Beautiful Losers or going to Katmandu, it always felt that we were right there amidst the power chords and hot piano licks.  If you were Blue Collar, and Mid-western Bob Seger was singing about you.
I will admit that he may have been overindulgent with his celebration of his particular art form.
but he also wasn't afraid to show that a working man could be romantic.  "We've got Tonight" and "You'll Accompany me" are rare spotlights of rock and roll emotion
I don't know how to introduce the final three.  Bob Seger may have saved my life and my childhood.  It may have been Rock and Roll Cheese, but it was the Cheese that helped me make it through High School, for that I thank the man from Ann Arbor.

This has been another sould stripping edition of the Guilty Pleasure Blog, This is Big Daddy Guru B sayin' "see You Next time."

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